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“I have loved to the point of madness; that which is called madness, that which to me, is the only sensible way to love.”
― Francois Sagon

honestly, i love all of you but i'm not into kpop as much anymore. however i will be back once in a while. wait for me my loveeeeesss.

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prompt: mickey riding ian for the first time.

note: lmfao. ookay. so this is for the very beautiful @second-rate-handjobs. and i don’t even know why she sent me this prompt, cause i’m horrible at smut. like it just ends up with me watching hours of porn and finally throwing a bunch of bullshit together. lmfaoooo. and if anyone she has the right to hate me, oh god, it took me like two months to fill his prompt because of reason, but still, i hope you enjoy this.

word count: 1020

warning: i mean, it’s smut. in fact, very bad smut too. hahaha. don’t even read it. 

“Everyone’s gone.” The dark head walked into the room whipping his jacket off before heading straight towards the red head laying on the bed. “I need you to get off your ass and get in me.” Mickey seductively whispered into Ian’s ears before dragging a kiss along his pale neck.  

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→ Anonymous whispered : in your ask you talked about the teacher who was fired because of her pornographic vids what is your views on that?


i do not believe that a person should necessary be fired because of sexual work experiences.

okay, first and most of all, i want to state that i am not a mother, so i am in no right to say shit about how these parents felt was right for their children. 

but i do have younger siblings who i’ve basically raised. my parents both work full time (and i love them for doing their best to raise 6 kids and putting me in a private college!) and being the eldest, i raise my younger sister who is now 17, and we both help raise our four younger siblings, a 10 year old bratty little girl, a stubborn 8 year old boy, a 7 year old monster girl and a very creative 5 year old boy. they are a handful and i love them with my whole life. they come to me with all their problems before even running to mom. i know which boys/girls they like before mums or dad even hears, i go to their most of their school events and buy their school supplies/clothes. 

and i know i am very, very influential on their lives. and i know a lot of their views on life is brought on by me and how i raise them. and if it wasn’t obvious already, i would like to think i advocate self love and human rights, one of the human rights i believe in is same sex love. and tho, both my parents, bless their hearts, due to miseducation and religious reasons are not a supporter of same sex marriage, all of my siblings are supporter of same sex love. 

also as most, if not all of you, know i am very open about how much i love the cockyboys and dicks (including gay porn). and tho all my siblings are younger i am very open to most of them about this subject. i feel like i would be a hypocrite if i wasn’t open to them about this. they all know they are not allowed to watch pornography until they come to age and have the talk and understands that porn is not like real sex.

bottom line:

i feel that if we teach our kids to treat sex workers with respect and remember that they are humans first, then pornography won’t have such a big negative effect. 





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